Death and Affect in Chaucer at MLA 2014

This is a call for participants in Death and Affect in Chaucer, a special session proposal for the MLA Convention in Chicago, 9-12 January 2014. 
Death and Affect in Chaucer
How does Chaucer’s literature confirm/counter medieval ‘norms’ of emotions related to death? What kinds of emotional reactions to death (impending death of the self, or the death of others) are present in Chaucer? How do Chaucer’s affects of death work on his audience, medieval to modern?  
* Persons interested in participating should write directly to with a 250 word abstract and short bio by 1 March 2013.
Candidates will be notified by 15 March whether their submission has been selected for the special session proposal. The MLA Committee will decide whether or not to accept the special session by early June 2013. Please note that session participants must be registered members of the MLA by 7 April 2013. 
‘Death and Affect in Chaucer’ Special Session proposed format
If it is accepted for the 2014 MLA Convention, the session ‘Death and Affect in Chaucer’ will include four 10-minute presentations, with a short Q&A after each presentation and a final open discussion at the end.  

Posted by Rebecca McNamara 

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