Moving Pictures: An Interview with Sarah McNamer

Moving Pictures is a video archive of the research activities and collaborations of the CHE since 2012. Developed by Penelope Lee and Jessica Scott as part of the Education and Outreach program of the Melbourne node of the CHE, the project has evolved over time as the Centre has developed and expanded. Since 2012 over 40 interviews with visiting scholars have been recorded, many of which can be viewed here

Sarah McNamer is an Associate Professor in the Department of English at Georgetown University, specialising in medieval literature and emotion. As a CHE Distinguished International Visitor in 2013, she delivered a plenary lecture at the ‘Sourcing Emotions in the Medieval and Early Modern World’ conference at The University of Western Australia. In this interview, Sarah discusses how literature provided a ‘script for emotion’ for historical readers, and offers insights for historians and literary scholars about how to explore emotion in literary sources. She suggests that the study of emotions allows for new readings of women’s writings that challenge prevailing dichotomies, such as that between reason and passion.

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