Sourcing Emotions in Perth

Image courtesy of the British Library Illuminated Manuscripts Catalogue Online, Royal MS 14 E II, fol. 77.

While I am spending some time alongside my own sources in the British Library this week, preparations are well underway in Perth for “Sourcing Emotions in the Medieval and Early Modern World.”

The program is available online here

Plenary talks, by Sarah McNamer (on “Literature as Source for the History of Emotion”), Tim Carter (“From Conception to Delivery: Sourcing (Musical) Emotions in Early Baroque Italy”), Adrian Randolph (“Art and Askesis: Donatello’s Magdalen as an Emotional Source”), and James Amelang (“The Sources of Mourning: Autobiography, Ritual, Sincerity”) will be streamed live. Auditors overseas can hear the lectures online up to 48 hours after they’ve been delivered, so there’s no need to get up at Matins. More info on streaming is

I’m always struck by the metaphorical ‘liquidity’ of language describing the expression of emotion, in any period of history… whether you’re sourcing or streaming Perth this June, you’re sure to find something to get your fill.

Posted by Stephanie Downes

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